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Residents of Dokdo

The Residents of Dokdo (As of Dec. 31, 2016)

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독도를 기점으로 한 주요지점 간 거리

독도를 기점으로 한 주요지점 간 거리를 안내합니다.

Residents Kim, Sung-Do (born 1940) & Kim, Shin-Yeol (born 1937) : married couple
registrar of resident registration 24 persons (23 households) registered
recipient of honorary resident status 27,120 persons (including 343 foreigners)
citizens who have transferred their registered address 3,330 persons

The first civilian resident on Dokdo – Choi, Jong-Deok

Reason for Moving to Dokdo

Choi, Jong-Deok, originally a fisherman from Ulleungdo, obtained Communal-Fishing and Resources Rights in 1965. Since then for 22 years, he has lived on Dokdo engaging in fishing activities and managing the fishing grounds.

On October 14, 1981, he transferred his registered address to Dokdo becoming the first official civilian resident of the islets.

Currently, Mr. Kim, Sung-Do and his wife Kim, Shin-Yeol live on Dokdo after having transferred their registered address to Dokdo back in November 1991.

The First Civilian Resident on Dokdo : the late Mr. Choi, Jong-Deok

Mr. Choi, Jong-Deok (right) with Dokdo locals on Gajebawi Rock

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His Footprints on Dokdo

  • He constructed an underwater storehouse to keep the harvested seafood fresh. He also achieved major accomplishment as a fisherman by developing the abalone fertilization method and a special net.
  • He constructed living quarters out of brick on the islet of Seodo so that he could carry out fishing activities efficiently. He became a part of Dokdo through his everyday life such as building the 998 steps to the Mulgol.