소리재생 소리멈춤

The Birds of Dokdo

About 175 species of birds identified on Dokdo

Up to the present, about 175 bird species have been identified on the Dokdo Islets. Species that have been observed on Dokdo include dusky thrush, black-tailed gull, little ringed plover, yellow-browed warbler, yellow-throated bunting, Japanese White-eye, brambling, daurian redstart, peregrine falcon, oriental turtle dove, Swinhoe's storm petrel, blue rock thrush, buff-bellied pipit, Japanese robin, brown-headed thrush, Eurasian sparrowhawk, sanderling, Asian brown flycatcher, wood sandpiper, lesser sand plover, grey heron, red-flanked bluetail, barn swallow, grey-streaked flycatcher, intermediate egret, Eurasian tree sparrow, hawfinch, chestnut-flanked white-eye, common redpoll, narcissus flycatcher, cattle egret, black-tailed godwit, black wood pigeon, yellow-rumped flycatcher, pale thrush, etc.

< (Image Source : Kyungpook National University’s Ulleungdo • Dokdo Research Center) >

Black-tailed gull

daurian redstart

peregrine falcon


Swinhoe's storm petrel

buff-bellied pipit


wood sandpiper

grey heron

barn swallow

intermediate egret

Eurasian tree sparrow

common redpoll

narcissus flycatcher

cattle egret

black wood pigeon

pale thrush