소리재생 소리멈춤

The Flora of Dokdo (Kyungpook National University’s Ulleungdo•Dokdo Research Center)

About 70 ~ 80 species of plants identified on Dokdo

* Ulleungdo stonecrop (Sedum takesimense Nakai.) is an indigenous plant growing on Ulleungdo and Dokdo.

Up to the present, about 70 ~ 80 plant species have been identified on the Dokdo Islets. Native wild herbaceous plants found on the islets include Gmelin's saltbush, narrow-leaf goosefoot, Indian mustard, amur peppervine, seashore yellow corydalis, spoon-leaf yellow loosestrife, seashore snowparsley, coastal rockcress, seashore oriental wormwood, creeping sorrel, yellow foxtail grass, microiria flatsedge, black nightshade, Asiatic dayflower, queen coral beads, hollyfern, cockspur grass, common morning glory, coastal moss-like stonecrop, java water-dropwort, dandelion, southern crabgrass, rough potato, sow-thistle, New Zealand spinach, chickweed, wild chive, annual bluegrass, Ulleungdo stonecrop, Korean bellflower, fringed-pink, red fescue, giant-knotweed, Job's tears wormwood, great plantain, tiger lily, eulalia grass, thyme broomrape, sticky-stem pearlwort, spiny sow-thistle, ruderal chaff flower, seashore spatulate aster, white goosefoot, etc. Woody plants found on the islets include black pine, broad-leaf olive, spindle tree, Ulleungdo honeysuckle, camellia, etc.

< (Image Source : Kyungpook National University’s Ulleungdo • Dokdo Research Center) >

Spoon-leaf yellow loosestrife

seashore snowparsley

coastal rockcress

seashore oriental wormwood

black nightshade

Asiatic dayflower

queen coral beads


cockspur grass

coastal moss-like stonecrop

New Zealand spinach


Ulleungdo stonecrop

Korean bellflower

red fescue



great plantain

tiger lily

thyme broomrape

seashore spatulate aster

white goosefoot

broad-leaf olive

spindle tree

Ulleungdo honeysuckle