소리재생 소리멈춤

Historically, Dokdo is the territory of Korea.

512 A.D. – A Part of Korean Territory since the Defeat of the Usan Kingdom by the Silla Empire

Dokdo became a part of the Silla Empire after the subjugation of the Usan Kingdom by Governor Isabu of Haseulla (present-day Gangneung) in the 13th year of King Jijeung of Silla’s reign. (Samguksagi (History of the Three Kingdoms), Book 4) As part of the Ulleungdo territory, Dokdo became part of Korea’s history and culture since the Silla Era.

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1454 - Recorded as Joseon Territory in the Records of the Joseon Dynasty

In the Sejong Sillok (Annals of King Sejong’s Reign) under the chapter entitled “Jiriji (Geographical Knowledge)”(1454), it is recorded, “The two islands of Usan and Mureung [Ulleung] are located in the eastern oceans of Uljin-hyeon. They are not far apart and both can be seen from one another during clear weather.” In essence, Koreans during the Joseon Era were aware of the two islands in the East Sea making it clear fact that Dokdo and Ulleungdo were territories of the Joseon Empire.

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1877 – Ulleungdo and Dokdo Recognized as Korean Territory by the Meiji Regime of Japan

In March of 1877, the Home Ministry and the Dajokan announced a written order “confirming Ulleungdo and Dokdo as territories of the Joseon Empire.” Based upon the Prohibition Order of Passage to Ulleungdo (Jan. 28, 1693), Japan acknowledged Ulleungdo and Dokdo as Joseon Territory since long ago.

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