소리재생 소리멈춤

We are doing our best to maintain Korea’s Dokdo Islets and to preserve is natural environment.

Dokdo is “home” to some Koreans.

Around 40 people including coast guard personnel, lighthouse caretakers, civil servants of Ulleung-gun Office, and civilian residents live on Dokdo. Two-hundred and six thousand tourists visited Dokdo in 2016 demonstrating the love and interest Koreans have toward the islets.

< Fishermen’s Lodge on Seodo >

  • Extension work completed in August 2011
  • 4 stories (373,14 ㎡)
  • Desalinization facility (4 tons/day) and water tank
  • 2 diesel powered generators (50kw)
  • 4 living quarters

Dokdo is a treasure chest for land and marine ecosystems with spectacular scenery.

Seventy to eighty species of plants grow naturally on Dokdo despite being an inhospitable environment for vegetation because it was formed from underwater volcanic activity in the middle of the East Sea. It also serves as a sanctuary for birds flying over the East Sea. In addition, many fish and other marine creatures inhabit its surrounding waters due to the islets being situated in a region where cold and warm currents meet.

< Seashore spatulate aster and Tanggeonbong Peak >

< Black-tailed gull >

Designated as Natural Monument No. 336 (Nov. 16, 1982)

As a repository of natural resources blessed with a pristine natural environment, Dokdo possess beautiful natural resources still in their primeval state. Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Office is putting much effort into preserving and maintaining the natural environment and ecosystems on the islets using eco-friendly methods.